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Tours - Our Boulders and ourselves - Noravank-Shake waterfall-Vorotan river-Zorats qarer-Ukhtasar

Noravank is a 13th Century monastery, located 122 km from Yerevan in a narrow gorge made by the Darichay River near the city of Yeghegnadzor in Armenia. The gorge,directly across from the Monestary, is known for its high, sheer, brick-red cliffs. The monastery at Noravank is best known for its two-storey St. Astvatsatsin Church, accessible to the second floor by way of narrow stones jutting out from the facade of the structure. Siranes,the architect and Momik, the remarkable miniature painter and sculptor, had worked here in the latter part of the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries. The complex was renovated in the late 1990s and early 2000s under the patronage of Mr. & Mrs. Hadjetian.In order to distinguish it from the Bgheno-Noravank Monastery, near Goris the monastery at Noravank is sometimes called Amaghu-Noravank, Amaghu being the name of a  recently destroyed small village above the canyon. In the 13th–14th centuries the monastery had been the residence of the bishop of the Syunik Region and, consequently, a major religious and, later, cultural center of Armenia closely connected to many of the local centers of learning. The Monastery at Noravank is has very special ties with the famed University and library at Glatzor.

The Shake waterfall
It is located in the Gorge of Vorotan, 3 Km from Sisian, on the Shake feeder on the left bank of the Vorotan River. It is 18 m high. Shake is the highest and the most beautiful waterfall of Armenia and, as a place of sightseeing, permanently hosts tourists and visitors. It is 4 km away from the Yerevan - Karabakh Highway.

The Gorge of the Vorotan River
The Vorotan River is one of the miracles of the Syunyats World. The river starts from the Artsakh plateau and pours into the Arax River. The reservoirs of Spandaryan, Angeghakot, Tolors and Shamb are located on the Vorotan River. There are also a lot of cultural and historical sites that are located in the area of Vorotan. They are the Tatev Monastery, Tatev's Great Desert, Vorotnaberd, Vorotnavank, Sisavan, Aghitun and other miracles formed by nature like the Devil’s Bridge and the Shake Waterfall. Zorats Qarer (Armenian Stonehenge) Zorats Qarer is in the spotlight of the tourists conditioned by its high historical – cultural value and easy-to-reach geographical position. It is located near the Yerevan-Iran and the Yerevan – Mountainous Karabagh Highway.

Zoratz Qarer, also known as the “Armenian Stonehendge” or Qarahunj is situated 3 km north north of Sisian. Being of unique structure, it has not been fully studied yet. The monument is a complex of hundreds of vertically fixed boulders covering an area of more than three hectares. It is 1770 meters above sea level.

The main disputes in scientific circles about this structure are framed within two viewpoints. The first version states that the vertically fixed boulders are religious monuments/menhirs devoted to the deceased, the central oval structure is a kromlex and the holes found in the boulders have a technical meaning.

The second version states that the Zorats Qarer is an ancient observatory designed for the observation of terrestrial bodies. As a result of the second version the Zorats Qarer has been juxtaposed with the English Stone Hedge, French Karnak, Dutch new Grege which are considered as Sun worshipping centers and observatories. Based on archeological data the archeologists assume the Zorats Qarer had been built during the 3 – 2 millennium BC during the transitional stage from the Early Bronze to the Medium Bronze periods and survived till the middle of the 1st millennium.

Uxtasar's rock images are situated about 25 km north of Sisian, in the central part of the Syunik Highland between the Black and Al Lakes 3300 meters above sea level. The road leading to this monument is only passable from June through September. These rock testimonies of Armenian forefathers are approximately dated 5-2 millennium B.C. These are carved on more than a thousand laid stones and depicted people at hunting, working, worshipping. There are depictions of domestic and wild animals, terrestrial bodies, cosmic and other suchlike images. There are many undefined outlines as well. The rock images are the prototypes of manuscripts, which reveal events that happened during these ancient people’s lifetime telling us of their skill, living conditions and their view of the world. 

Uxtasar's rock images are of worldwide importance revealing the cultural sources of the Armenian Nation.
It is one of the loveliest landmarks for tourists. During the past 8-9 years many tourists have visited this almost impassable site and enjoyed both the archaic stone images and the picturesque surrounding with cold water fountains.

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