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Tours - 9 day tour -Armenia in winter


.... Discover the secular beauty of Armenia during pearlised winter season. Country of stones where sacred stone churches stand against the background of the biblical mountain landscape. We will help you to get acquainted with the wonders of the country and its people at the crossroads of culture and civilization.

                                                                 Tour for 9 days

                                                                        Day 1

             Arrival to Yerevan. Tansfer, hotel accommodation.
Tour to the north of Armenia, Aragats- 160km the way to which lays across the alpine landscape of the extinct volcano- the highest peak of Transcaucasia.
There is nothing more admirable and mystic than the magnificent view of Biblical Ararat motionless up in the clouds and as if growing out of them.
On the southern slopes of Aragats Medieval Amberd Fortress(10-13c.), military defense center of the Pahlavuni kingdoms, stands out for its splendour . It was situated in the triangular cape where the rivers Arkashen and Amberd were joined, at an elevation of 2300m height. The ruins of the Amberd’s fortress including the walls, the church, the bathroom and other sections were preserved.
            HB and overnight in at hotel in Yerevan

                                                                       Day 2

           Departure early in the morning from Yerevan.
Visiting one of the sacred places of Armenian church-monastery Khor Virap (XVII c.) It was known as the pilgrimage place for Gregory the Illuminator.Up until the monastery-fort was built, this section was used as a royal prison. According to Aghatangelos and other historians, Grigor the Illuminator was tortured in Khor Virap (The Deep Pit).
The magnificent view of Biblical Ararat mountain (5165m) opens up from here.
Going on next tour of wine factory in the v. Areni. Firshand acquaintance with wine making technology. Tour round wine cellars with sampling and purchasing of best Amenian wine. Visiting Noravank monastery (XIIIc.)- treasure of Armenian architecture,situated on a ledge of a deep winding gorge of a tributary of the Arpa River, Vayots Dzor district. Noravank ensemble stands amidst the bizarre-shaped precipitous red cliffs that charm the visitor with its fanciful colors.
Noravank is listed among the UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES.
         Overnight and HB at hotel in Jermuk.

                                                                 Day 3-4-5-6

         Day off in Djermuk. City tour. Visiting water gallery where you can taste water of different temperatures.
Syunik mountain ranges, alpine meadows and woodlands surround the resort on three sides. Climate is typical mountainous, the fresh air, mild Djermuk winter with lots of snow and no wind is exceptional for active rest lovers.
Active rest-skiing, snowboards. For active rest fans Djermuk offers new ropeway that corresponds to all world standards and is the best opportunity for downhill skiers to avail oneself of professional skiing tracks.
         HB and overnight at hotel in Djermuk.

                                                                    Day 7

        Tour of the Yerevan city-one of the ancient in the world. Shopping in the open air market-the famous Vernissage, “little museum”, where souvenirs are sold made by Armenian masters. HB and overnight at hotel in Yerevan.

                                                                    Day 8

       Tour to the Armavir Marz, Cathedral of St.Edjmiatsin 4th c(“The Descent of the Only-Begotten”). -70km, the oldest Christian temple of Armenia and one of the first temples in the world.
Live the Christmas spiritual moments and New Year nights in the sacred garden of the religious centre.
The residence of the All-Armenian Catholic, Spiritual Academy, Synod of the Armenian Church. the Library, printing-house and other monastery structures are placed on the territory of Saint Echmiadsin. The most remarkable is perhaps the Treasury, where the treasures of Armenian churches are kept, the most precious of which are the golden letters of the Armenian alphabet, the St. Relics of Noah’s Ark etc.
Apart from Mother Cathedal, Monastery complex contains three treasures of Armenian architecture each of them unique for its splendour: St Hripsime, St Gayane and St Shoghakat ,(“Drop of Light”) devoted to the first Christian virgins of Armenia.
Going on next tour to Zvartnots a ruined 7th century circular Armenian cathedral which was a majestic cathedral famous for its unique design. The three-storied building of the temple with the height of 30 m was different due to courageous architectural decision and richness of decorations and perhaps the most imposing construction of Armenia's church architecture of early medieval period. In the end of 10th century the cathedral was destroyed by an earthquake though today the ruins inspire the visitor with the ancient majesty. Many valuable things found during the archeological excavations, are represented in the museum near the ruins of Zvartnots found during the archeological excavations.
The Cathedral of Etchmiadsin, the Churches of Saint Hripsime, Saint Gayane and Shoghakat, and the Archaeological Site of Zvartnots are listed among the UNESCO World Heritage SITES

                                                                  Day 9

Departure. Transfer to airport.

9 day tour -Armenia in winter

Your hotel

In Yerevan ” Regine” 3*
(3 nights,breakfast included)

In Djermuk “Djermuk Ashkhar” 3* or “Ani Djermuk” 3*
(5 nights breakfast included)

Tour package-Dbl per person for groups of 5 to 10 -368 USD
Tour package-SGL per person for groups of 5 to 10-521 USD

Tour package - Dbl per person for groups of 1 to 4 -866 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 1 to 4 - 1019 USD

Your hotel

In Yerevan “Ani”4* (3 nights, breakfast included)
In Djermuk “Verona” 4* (5 nights, full board included)
Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 5 to 10 - 549 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 5 to 10- 727 USD

Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 1 to 4 - 1047 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 1 to 4 - 1252 USD

Tour prices include:

- Transfer to airport-hotel-airport
- Bus with all amenities
- Guide services
- Hotel accommodation

Tour prices don’t include:

- Airtickets
- Insurance
- Agent services during your stay in Djermuk.

The first and last days’ tour program depends on your arrival & departure dates. The program alternations are possible upon your request and preference for specific sightseeing.
Discounts for children are available.

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