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5 day winter tour Tours in Armenia - Noyantour
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Tours - 5 day winter tour


Arrival to Yerevan. Transfer from airport

A tour to Echmiadzin (70km) - the center of the Armenian Gregorian Church, "the heart of Armenia" and the residence of the Armenian Catholicos, the Armenian religious architecture treasure.
On the territory of the Cathedral there is also a religious seminary, a library, printing, storage, repository of centuries-old spiritual values which is a special place of Armenian alphabet, covered  with gold, relics of Noah's Ark and more.
A visit to the Main Cathedral (4th c.), the museum and the treasury. The church complex located near the Cathedral reinforces three churches: St. Hripsime, St. Gayane, St. Shoghakat in the memory of the persecuted victims of virgins-martyrs.
The continuation of the tour brings to the ruins of Zvartnots (7th c.) which is located not far from Echmiadzin and is a great architectural value having been built in 641-661cc. as the main temple of Armenia. This magnificent temple is the result of vast experience and creativity of Armenian architects of the 7th century.

Both Echmiadzin  Cathedral and Zvartnots Treasury are included in the list of protected world cultural heritage by UNESCO.
Dinner and overnight in the hotel in Yerevan.


An excursion to the blue Lake Sevan, one of the most mountainous lakes in the world. A visit to the churches of the peninsula where you can have traditional Armenian khash for breakfast. A journey to Noraduz (9-15), the shelter of Armenian cross-stones and to the famous pathway of Selim Karavansara (1332) known as a "silk road".
Overnight in Tsakhkadzor.

DAY 3-4

Tsakhkadzor being famous as a " gorge of flowers" is a popular ski resort in Kotayk region of Armenia. It is located on the eastern slope of Mt. Teghenis, 1840m high above sea level. By the way, it is only 10m below from the highest  4 famous ski resorts of Courchevel and 60km or 40 minutes drive from the capital of Armenia - Yerevan.

The highway from Zvartnots Airport to Tsakhkadzor (75 km) is excellent. The north and the south parts of Tsakhkadzor ridges are covered with forest. The river crossing the city from the west to the east is flowing into Hrazdan inflow -the River Marmarik.

Tsakhkadzor is specific with its fascinating ski runs, respectable hotels and chic restaurants. Here you can relax, taste good cuisine, either to enjoy your evening time with a bottle of beer at a favorite football match or a fragrant cigar after dinner.

And of course, Tsaghkadzor is a paradise for skiers who come here specifically to test drive down the magnificent mountain slopes.

All trails are coming down from the top of Mt. Teghenis where the famous ropeway starts.
In fine weather you can admire the beauty of Mt. Ararat and the pearl of Armenia-Lake Sevan from the top of Teghenis.

The monastery of Kecharis located in the northwestern part of Tsakhkadzor is considered to be “gorge of flowers”. It was founded by descendant of Kamsarakan, Pahlavuni Gregory Magistros. In 1033 he ordered to build Tsakhkadzor Temple to the name of St. Gregory the Illuminator. The second church on the south part was built later to the name of St. Nshan(Holy Sign of the first half of XI c.).

Another church was preserved in the eastern facade of the Temple Katoghike (1203-1214) which is the most luxurious of all the churches in the monastery complex. Not far from here, at some distance the Holy Resurrection is located (1220).


Departure from Yerevan early in the morning. City tour in Yerevan - one of the ancient  cities in the world.
A visit to the open market "Vernissage" - a small museum where you can buy unique handicrafts of Armenian craftsmen.
Shopping, buying souvenirs.

Transfer to the airport

5 day- winter-tour in Armenia

Your hotel:

“Regineh” 3* in Yerevan(1night including breakfast)
“Sport Complex” 3* in Tsakhkadzor(3 nights including breakfast)

Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 4 to 10 – 213 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 4 to 10- 239 USD
Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 1 to 3 – 258 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 1 to 3 – 288 USD

“Ani” 4* in Yerevan(1night including breakfast)
“Jupiter” 4* in Tsakhkadzor(3 nights including breakfast and lunch)

Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 4 to 10 – 199 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 4 to 10- 304 USD
Tour package -Dbl per person for groups of 1 to 3 – 239 USD
Tour package- SGL per person for groups of 1 to 3 – 349 USD

Tour price includes:

• transfer from airport-hotel-airport
• a comfortable bus with all amenities
• excursions
• guide service
• accommodation

Tour price doesn’t include:

• tickets
• insurance
• tour agents’ support in Tsakhkadzor

The following sightseeing tours depend on your arrival and departure days.

We can make changes to the proposed program if you have any suggestions or preferences specifically for some attractions.

There are benefits for children.

For more information, do not hesitate to be in contact.

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