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SIGHTS - Oshakan


Located 6km from Ashtarak on the right bank of the Kasagh is the village of Oshakan – the tomb of St. Mesrop, the national hero and educator of Armenia, the creator of the national alphabet who was buried there in 440. In 443 the church was erected on his burial place. In 1875-1879 the Catholicos Gevorg III turned the church into a beautiful temple with the altar standing above St. Mesrop's tomb. There are northern and southern entrances into the square burial vault. The inside of the church – the vaulted hall – was decorated with a fresco in 1960. The two - level belfry is in the eastern part.
In May 1962 – the year of 1600 th birthday of St. Mesrop – the basalt obelisk in the shape of a huge open book with Armenian inscriptions was erected.

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