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SIGHTS - Ltchashen

Ltchashen is a habitation of Armenia and Old East. The excavations done in the village has proved that the history of Ltchashen as an ancient habitation started from 4the century B.C. and in the second half of 3rd century it was reconstructed as a fortress. The village is a real open air museum. It is a habitation created before the Urartu period and surrounded with Ciclopian stone wall. The facts certify that agriculture, cattle raizing, pottery, smelting, wood carving, gunsmithing, jeweller’s art and other arts were developed. Medieval sanctuaries were preserved in the village such as St. Hripsime church (VII c.) which was reconstructed in XIX c. and now it is partly destroyed. Ltchashen is the biggest village of Sevan region and is among the first ten biggest villages of Armenia.

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