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SIGHTS - Goshavank Monastery


The Goshavank monastery was founded in 1188 by famous Armenian cleric, scientist, author and law-giver Mkhitar Gosh (died 1213) with the help of Prince Ivane Zakarian as replacement for Old Getik Vank, which was destroyed by earthquake in 1188. The architect Mkhitar the Carpenter and his disciple Hovhanes also took an active part in building the monastery. The reading room of the monastery school itself is unusual, built in several stages, with a chapel/bell-tower built on top in 1291. Note the intricately carved khachkar, the famous "Aserghnagorts" ("embroidered"), standing beside the St. Grigory church doorway, the work of Master Poghos, dated 1291. The Gregory the Illuminator chapel is richly carved.
St. Hripsime chapel (1254), situated south-west of the main group is a domed building of an original composition. The church of Grigor Lusavorich was started in 1237 and finished by Prince Grigor-Tkha in 1241. The book depository with a bell-tower in Goshavank is a structure of a most unusual composition.

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