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SIGHTS - Garni


The Garni temple is the unique survivor of a vast net of temples dedicated to Greek-Roman gods and Armenian-Persian divinities such as Mihra, Anahid and Ahura Mazda. When Christianity was adopted in 301, these edifices were systematically destroyed… except for the temple at Garni.
According to Movses Khorenatsi, Tiridate III (287-330) gave the temple to his sister as a kind of “Refreshment house”.  The temple was ravaged by earthquake in 1679.
From 1969 to 1975, the architect, A. Sahinian re-erected the temple, using the original stones. Fragments were reassembled with special cement; vanished components were replaced by stones of the same Garni basalt, without the original decorations of course. The pillars bordering the stairway are decorated with superb naked Atlantes, one knee to the ground.
Not far from the temple ruins of Thermal baths are located. These are classical baths, as built by the Romans, and also used in medieval Armenia.

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