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SIGHTS - Byurakan Observatory

Byurakan Observatory was once headed by Viktor Hambartsumian, one of the former Presidents of the International Astrophysicist Organization. Numerous important discoveries and researches have been conducted in the Observatory which plays an active role to this day. Tours are often available by appointment - including nighttime star watching.
The Castle at Lori-Berd is situated 4.5 km from Stepanakert. The ruins of the 10th century Lori Castle is on the junction of the Dzoraget and Urut Gorges. It occupies an area of 33 ha. During the second half of the XI century, it was at the height of its development when it became the capital of the Tashir-Dzoraget Kingdom. The church and the two royal baths in the Castle of Lori-Berd have remained intact. Near the castle, at the bottom of the Gorge, one can see a medieval bridge across the River Urut. On the left side of the bridge there are several Khatchqars and stone carvings.

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