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SIGHTS - Artsakh

The Republic of Nagorni Karabakh or the Republic of Artsakh is an independent, autonomous and legislative Armenian state located in Transcaucasia bordering with the Republic of Armenia in the west, with Iran in the south with Azerbaiuan in the east and north. The capital of NKR is Stepanakert. The cultural center is temple-city of Shushi.
Nagorni Karabakh was historically known as the state of Artsakh in the region of Metz Hayk. The geopolitical position of the country has played a crucial role in the history of Armenia.The well known Armenian historian, Levon Artsakh, has compared the country to a «huge citadel» without which the defense of «the heart of Armenia», i.e. the country of Ararat would have been impossible.

Today, Artsakh is a second Armenian nation. Presently when speaking of Armenia we usually have in mind both the Republic of Armenia (RA) and the Republic of Nagroni Krabakh (NKR).

When translated from Turkish, the word “Karabakh” means “black garden”. In some cases the words «Artsakh» and «Lernayin Karabkh» are used synonymously. The term “Lernayin Karabakh” first appeared in 1923 to describe the self governing region of Nagorni Karabakh which was once part of the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan.

According to folk etymology, the name “Artsakh” means “Aran’s tree country”. Tradition says that Aran Sisakyan, the minister of the Nort-East states of Metz Hayk, was appointed his position by the Armenian King Vagharshak by whose orders Aran inherited the country of Artsakh.

Nokorni Karabagh is mostly populated by Armenians, but you can also see Russian, Ukrainian, Georgians and Greeks as well.

Political Structure:
•    President – Bako Sahakian (2007)
•    Prime Minister – Arayik Harutyunyan (2007)
•    Council of the National Assembly is comprised of 33 delegates with a 5 year term in office.
•    The universal right to vote has been in effect since 1991
•    Voting age is 18 years of age.

Touring NKR
Citizens of Armenia and the former CIS can enter NKR without a visa. Citizens of other countries are required to get a visa either at the border or from Yerevan, Washington DC, Paris and Moscow.

Historical and cultural monuments
•    Gandzasar
•    Amaras
•    Dadivank
•    the Monastery of the Apostle Yeghishe and the recreational area of Vachakan Barepasht
•    the Shushi Cathedral of the Saviour
•    the city of Tikranagerd in Artsakh
•    Azokh
•    Tndjri
•    The infamous monument known as “We are our Mountains”

Basic Information
•    the official language is Armenian
•    the capital city is Stepanakert
•    the System of Government is a Presidential Republic
•    Religion is Armenian Orthodoxy
•    Currency is the Armenian Dram
•    the area is 11.458 square meter
•    the National anthem is known as “Free and Independent Artsakh”
•    the motto of the Republic is “ We are our mountains”
•    the time zone is +4 GMT
•    the National Holiday is September 2

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