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SIGHTS - Artashat

Artashat is the one of the ancient capital cities of Armenia during V B.C. It was situated in the Armenian Vostan village of the Region of Ararat near the junction of the Yeraskh and the Metzamor Rivers on the hills of Khor Virap and its surroundings (10 km to the north-west of present day Artashat in the Ararat Region).The walls of the ancient city and a few ruins of some buildings can be seen in this region. Artashat,which was built during the reign of King Artashes I, was built in place of  the Urartu settlement. It was at this time that one could see the development of urbanization. Artashat was the world's principle commerce center. The Silk Road that connected the Far East with the Mediterranean trade routes passed through Artashat.

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