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Aknaghbyur Sights Yerevan, Amenia - Noyantour
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SIGHTS - Aknaghbyur

Aknakhbyur , a historical village in the Tavush Region of Armenia, is situated on the left bank of the Aghstev River. In commemoration of the victory at the Battle of Khaghkhagh in 450AD, St. Vardan planted an oak tree. For hundreds of years, this place became a holy shrine for thousands of pilgrims. More than 20 people can sit in the shade of this said oak tree which has been preserved for more than 1500 years. Although it had been destroyed by thunder some time ago, it still continued to serve as a holy place where the regional army recruits would come to ask its blessings. Since until 2007, Akhakhbyur did not have a church, the believers would gather around the church to listen to a sermon. With the sponsorship of a businessman, Hrand Vardanyan, a church was erected next to the oak tree. Today, these two holy sites immortalize the memory of those who have fallen in the name of victory and Christianity.

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