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Yerevan wine days 2017-06-03
A grandiose holiday called "Wine Days" - Yerevan Wine Days was held for the first time in the capital of Armenia.
Aurora Prize 2017-06-01
AURORA PRIZE for awakening humanity
News 2013-08-02
On October 6th in Armenia Areni wine traditional festival will take place, which is organized within programs «Services for tourism assistance» 2012, in assistance of the Ministry of Economics of Armenia and the regional administration of Vayots Dzor.
Wine Vernisage 2013 2013-06-14
“Areni” Festival” Foundation with the Municipality of Paraqar and The Ministry of Economy of RA, are organizing “Wine Vernisag 2013” on June 15, in Paraqar Village, Armavir region.
June 1 - International Children’s Day. 2013-06-01
June 1 is celebrated around the globe as the International Children’s Day. It was first proclaimed by the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in 1925, Armenia’s capital, Yerevan, and different cities and towns across the country are planning today different festive events to entertain the small citizens.
Republic Day 2013-05-24
The Democratic Republic of Armenia, also known as the First Republic of Armenia, was proclaimed on May 28, 1918, after the dissolution of the Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic. Its army continued to fight on the Allied side south of the Caucasus until the Ottoman Empire surrendered in October 1918. The independent republic endured from May 1918 to December 1920. In the new government, ARF Dashnaktsutyun leaders Kachazuni and Khatisian became Prime Minister and Foreign Minister respectively.
Volvo xc90 2013-05-22
Noyan Tour represents its new car - Volvo xc90. Daily rent is available, both with and without
The Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide 2013-04-24

The Remembrance Day of the Armenian Genocide

Since the 1920s April 24th is the day Armenians commemorate the victims of Armenian Genocide, the most tragic element of Armenian history.

Tsaghkazard 2013-04-03


Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord to be marked in Armenia 2013-02-13


Saint Sargis Day 2013-01-18

Saint Sargis Day

Christmas fair in Yerevan 2012-12-07
Christmas fair
I-Voyages 2012-12-03
Partagez vos Photos et Carnets de Voyage
News 2012-11-18
Armenia facilitates the entry to the country for European citizens. Euro Union 27 states, besides non- members of the structure namely the citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland can visit Armenia without access visa.
News 2012-10-25
An international festival of advertisement ''Popok'' (''Walnut'' in Armenian) will be held for the third time in Armenia from 25 to 27 of October.
News 2012-10-12

Yerevan (Armenian ??????), (Erivan to 1936) - the capital of Armenia, one of the oldest surviving cities in the world (founded in 782 B.C.).

News 2012-09-19

On the way to Echmiadzin one can see the building similar to an eagle: a memorial and Musaler's museum. It is the Armenian village in Armavir region, which was called in honor of the city with the same name when - that being in Mediterranean the coast, in the territory of historical Armenia, on the border of Turkey and Syria.

News 2012-09-16
Duduk festival's official opening ceremony took place on September 14 in the "Moscow" cinema for the first time in Armenia, which provide wonderful opportunity to enjoy performances of musicians operating the next few days in Europe and America.
News 2012-09-07
In Armenia on the 8th of September 2012, Sunday is not a simple off day. It is already the third time this day Armenian festival of khorovatz will be taken part.
News 2012-08-22

“HIGH FEST” -2012 "International Theatre Festival

In October  International Theater Festival  "HIGH FEST -2012"will start,  during which  theatergoers  will be able to view dramatic, musical, dance performances, as well as outdoor performances.

News 2012-07-14

Khaghoghorhnek (Grapes Blessing)


Delegation to the UN of the National Council of Western Armenia 2012-07-13

Assembly of Armenians from Western Armenia

 Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Geneva, 9-13 July 2012

 2nd Intervention by Mr. Armenag  Aprahamian

 Head of Delegation to the UN of the National Council of Western Armenia

Study on the Role of Languages and Culture in the Promotion and Protection of the Rights and Identity of Indigenous Peoples

News 2012-07-09
News 2012-05-11
On July 8th starts the 9th International Film Festival ''Golden Apricot'', which will be held until July 15th. This year the festival received 1120 applications from 70 countries.
News 2012-03-28

Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!

Armenia launches month of Francophonie 2012-03-12
The series of events was developed by foreign ministry, education and culture ministries, Yerevan city hall, embassies of France, Canada, Egypt, Poland, Romania and Switzerland as well as several local universities and NGOs.
Martiros Saryan Museum open to visitors 2012-03-12
“Reconstruction in renowned Armenian painter Martiros Saryan’s museum hasn’t still resumed. The Ministry of Urban Development and the Government are yet to approve the reconstruction project. Thus, the museum is open and looking forward to host visitors,” Director of museum Ruzan Saryan told
News 2012-01-23

By the order of His Holiness Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholics of All Armenians, the Feast of St. Sargis the Captain and his soldiers-companions is proclaimed day of blessing of the youth.

News 2011-11-11


Ashot Petrosyan’s article published in the magazine “Edjmiatcin” N 3, 2011, is devoted to one of the famous characters of medieval culture- St. Gregory of Narek. Narek’s composition “The Narek ” or “Lamentations of Narek” is a quite extraordinary phenomenon in world literature. The saint’s main creation- “The Prayers” has been created for all the humanity as a curative mean, spirit revival and the way of salvation.

The annual Wine Festival in Areni 2011-10-08

The annual Wine Festival will be held in Vayots Dzor region, Areni village on October 8.

"You are the Armenia" 2011-09-21

"You are the Armenia"

News 2011-09-09

“Lazarian Dpratoon” is a language center specialized in teaching Armenian and foreign languages. More than 6 years, since 2005, the highly qualified professors and tutors of our center have been successfully teaching such foreign languages as English, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Polish, Greek and Armenian in particular, to Diaspora and foreign students from different countries.

News 2011-01-22

PanARMENIAN.Net - Chief Executive Officer of National Competitiveness Foundation of Armenia (NCFA) Pegor Papazian briefed the participants of a news conference at RA government on achievements and future plans of the foundation.

News 2011-01-05

UCLA scientists use new scientific method to verify vintage 4100 B.C. wine

Archaeologists contemplate 6,100-year-old wine-making equipment.
Analysis by a UCLA-led team of scientists has confirmed the discovery of the oldest complete wine production facility ever found, including grape seeds, withered grape vines, remains of pressed grapes, a rudimentary wine press, a clay vat apparently used for fermentation, wine-soaked potsherds, and even a cup and drinking bowl.

News 2010-12-01
Feel tired of monotonous weekends, wish something new and impressive? if yes; Djermuk is just what you want. Far from the noise and vanity, close to nature for two days. Fresh mountainous air will give you strength and fill you with energy for many months.
News 2010-09-17

Armenian Company Grand Candy broke the Guinness World Record for the biggest chocolate bar by making a bar weighing 4,410 kg.

News 2010-08-27

Spanning 5.7 kilometers across the spectacular Vorotan River Gorge, the Tatev Aerial Tramway - the longest passenger aerial tramway in the world - is poised to be one of southern Armenia's most popular attractions.

News 2010-08-04

31 July, 2010, VA (“Voice of Armenia” newspaper), Stars and Stones

News 2010-06-24

Noyan Tapan organization took part in the opening ceremony of the newly functioning Yerevan-Arkhangelsk-Yerevan flight organized by “Armavia” airways.

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