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Hereby designated the basic rules of service of "Noyan Tour" (hereinafter "Contractor") for the Client (hereinafter "Customer") on the territory of the Republic of Armenia apartment, private apartment or hotel ((hereinafter the "Accommodation") :

1. Accommodation

 Check-in and check-out is carried out with the participation of the Parties to the local time, respectively, in 14:00 and 12:00.

Accommodation is provided in accordance with the confirmed number of guests with linen and towels. Additional bed linen, towels, including hygiene items, cleaning products, available only in the case of pre-order and related charges.

The composition and amount of property listed in the annex to the Basic Agreement, signed by the customer  simultaneously with the acceptance of Accommodation.

2. Accomodation Service Schedule

Bed linen, towels and cleaning of the rooms are free of charge:

In the case of five-star class - once every 5 /five/ days.
In the case of four-star class - once every 7 /seven/ days.
In the case of class three star - once every 10 /ten/ days.

3. General rules for the provision of services

  Pets are prohibited in places of residence.

  Do not conduct maintenance work in places of residence, moving furniture.

  Do not organize and conduct activities in the community, which may interfere with nearby residents of housing and/or conflict with the rules of the hostel accommodation.

  Do not take the room to a third party without the consent of the Contractor.

4. Terms of service performance

  The minimum rental period is 5 /five/ days.

 Payment System:

In the case of renting for 4 /four/ days works 20% surcharge  of the cost of housing.
In the case of renting for 3 /three/ days works 30% surcharge of the cost of housing.
In the case of renting for 2 /two/ days works 40% surcharge of the cost of housing.
In the case of a renting 1 /one/ day works 50% surcharge of the cost of housing.

5. Customer
Customer shall promptly notify the Contractor of any problem or difficulty, and demand the removal of these defects.

 The customer has the right in advance, through no fault of the Contractor, to free accommodation, notifying the Contractor at least 5 /five/ days before. In this case the customer will be refunded 70% of the amount corresponding to more than 5 unused days. If the number of unused days less than 5 days, or if the Customer did not inform the Contractor  at least 5 /five/ days before about the possible release of Accommodation, the Contractor shall have the right not to return the above mentioned  amount or part of it.

 The customer is obliged to examine the Accommodation, check the serviceability and suitability of the property located in the room. In case of failure immediately notify the Contractor.

 The Customer undertakes to take care of the shelter, the room property, and in case of breakage or loss, reimburse.

 The customer is obliged to hand over accommodation in proper condition, eliminating all the disadvantages arising by his fault during the rental.

 The customer is obliged to inform the Contractor of his desire to extend the rental not less than before 5 /five/ days prior to its expiration.

6. Contractor

 The Contractor is obliged to give the address and telephone number (if available) of Accommodation to Customer, after receipt of full payment of the  Order.

 The Contractor is obliged to resolve any problem that arose in the place of residence for a maximum of 24 hours, except in cases where the cause of the problem are beyond the control of the Contractor.

 If the Contractor does not solve the problem within 24 hours, he must provide the customer with the same accommodation at his own expense or return the amount corresponding to the number of unused days of the customer.

 Contractor must be informed from time to time about number, sex and age living in the guest room.

 Contractor is eligible to demand the release of housing, if the customer has violated the conditions of the Agreement concluded between them. In this case, the paid amount is not refundable.

 Contractor may require the early release of Housing, notifying the customer before 2 /two/ days. Parties make recalculation after which the customer returns the sum corresponding to the value of the unused days.

 Contractor have the right to provide alternative accommodation, as well as demand from the customer an additional fee, if the latter arrives ahead of schedule, approved by the bilateral agreement.

 Contractor is eligible, after preliminary notice, and in case of failure without warning, enters the room rented by the Customer if it is caused by extreme necessity.

 The Contractor is not liable for lost, broken, damaged things at the residence which are the property of the Customer.

7.  Force majeure circumstances

  Parties are not responsible for the complete or partial failure to perform obligations if that failure was a result of force majeure (earthquake, flood, fire, acts of terrorism, military actions, etc.).

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