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1. Standard conditions

1.1. According to the terms and conditions thereon “Noyan Tour” LLC (Hereinafter “the Company” executes intermediary, informative and other activities towards a client (Hereinafter “the Client”) to rent the appropriate property.

2. Real estate rent order formation and approve

2.1. Real estate rent order is realized on the basis of the written application where the Client’s exact requirements are pointed.

2.2. The application should be provided to the Company either by e-mail or fax and should include the following information:

• Requirements on real estate quality and features
• Preferable price
• Additional conditions

2.3. Hereto, if the mentioned services in the application are not available to be executed by the Company, the latter offers the Client another variant corresponding to his requirement.
Thereafter, if the order is not confirmed by the Client within 24 hours the application is accepted to be cancelled without any obligation towards the Company.

Herein, the application is approved; afterwards both Parties enter into the agreement relating Real Estate Rent Intermediary Service where both parties’ rights and obligations, payment system, both parties responsibilities and final provisions are assigned.

3.Service commissions

3.1. Thereafter, renting the corresponding property the Company commission is accepted to be:

• Real estate rent period for 3 months-25 (twenty-five) percent from the first month payment
Real estate rent period for 6 months-40 (forty) percent from the first month payment
• Real estate rent period for a year- 50 (fifty) percent from the first month payment
• Real estate rent period more than a year-in consideration of mutual promises

4.Revocation conditions

4.1. The transaction suspension is effective therefore the Client has notified the Company in written form at least 30 days ago thereafter the order confirmation and has received the Company’s approve for the notice.

4.2. Due to force major the two parties are exempt of any liability thereto not executing their responsibilities partly or wholly.

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