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Exclusive Tours
These are training of Armenian Folk Dance with an experienced choreographer.             
According to your choice of dish, a skilled chef will teach you all the refinements of Armenian cooking.
 Ttou e, tan chi, amen
     mardu ban chi 
Spend a day in one of the Armenian villages far from the noisy city and you’ll feel the pleasure of gathering fruit, making lavash or butter. That will be a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the village life, their people, traditions and customs.
Skillful hands
Vernisage, which is an open air flea market, is an inseparable part of Yerevan. Besides the excusions, you will enjoy various souvenirs and crafts on display and if you desire can purchase them as well.
Tjh mardik
A tour to bars, pubs and clubs in Yerevan. In accordance with your gastronomic tastes, you'll be able to visit the popular and the most visitable establishments in Armenia.
Apricot stone

Exclusive opportunity to plant your personal tree (apricot tree, pomegranate tree, grapes etc.) which will symbolize Armenia and you’ll get a certificate for it.
*In the months March-April or at the end of October and the beginning of November.

Silk Road
An entertaining excursion to Megerian carpet factory and acquaintance with the Armenian carpet weaving traditions. Rare combination of the old and modern traditions of carpet weaving mastership is one of the distinctive features of Megerian products in the world market.
Ah Tamar
The whole history of Armenian brandy production in an hour. Witnessing the creation of brandy from bunch of grapes to an excellent drink.
?n the trace of the past
An entertaining archeological tour, during which you’ll be able to take part in the excavations together with the skillful team of archeologists.
*The period of excavations is June – October.
Conquer Ararat
Many people dream of traveling to Mt. Ararat and seeing it with their own eyes. It's an exclusive chance to climb  the Biblical Ararat in the company of skillful alpinists.
The ideal period for climbing – June - September
Beside the «stars»
We'll offer an opportunity for you of meeting your idols: famous Armenian showmen, singers, actors and artists.

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