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Corporate Travel with NOYAN TOUR
Dear Reader!
Would you like to increase your sales in the corporate world? Do you wish to enhance   the loyalty of your staff and partners towards your company? Do you want to improve the relationships and the spirit of team work between among your staff?  We, at Noyan Tour, can arrange the desired corporate trip to Armenia and help you in realizing your wishes by mixing business with pleasure.

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Why Armenia?
Because :
•    Armenia is famous for its historical and cultural heritage, its breathtaking fauna and flora, and unspoiled by Mass Tourism.
•    Armenia has hospitable and open minded people adorned with rich folklore, dishes and drinks.

Why Noyan Tour?
Noyan Tour is an agency of traditions, knowledge and thinking outside the box.
Our main aim is the individual approach to each of our clients.The experience gained in the sphere of individual tourism and the qualifications and professionalism of our employees allow us to outdo ourselves even in the most complex situations. People choose “Noyan Tour” not for its name but what we stand for. Tourists choose us as their guide to having a memorable vacation. We at Noyan Tour satisfy the every need of even the most picky tourist as well as plan tours for every budget. We arrange various vacation packages at prices that are affordable and the quality of which is superior.

The Department of Corporate Travel

Travel Events:
  • Conferences and seminars
  • Individual and group tours
  • Business and incentive trips
  • Yerevan
  • Tsaghkadzor, Sevan, Jermuk, Dilijan
  • All around the Republic
    New! Special Offers for Groups to Artsakh !
  • Custom tailored plans for each individual
  • Arranging  original and creative events
  • Scouting the destination prior to the actual visit
  • Supervision of each and every trip itinerary
  • The optimal prices, quality and service



The Events Department

•    Managers at Noyan Tour will personally oversee your trip itinerary from its beginning to its end and answer any questions you may have.
•    Recognizing individual needs, proposals, and aims of old customers.
•    Experience in arranging different events for a party of ten private VIP appointments to a party of a few thousand people for various celebrations in the city.
•    Skilled to professionally solve issues of any complexity both during the planning of the trip and during the actual trip.
•    Cooperation between the personnel and the services: designer, decorator, technician, director, purchases, logistics, catering, and assistants. The members of the staff meet both in the offices and on the ground.
•    Permanent partnerships with  contractors
•    Conducting all negotiations between the customers, partners and contractors.
•    Preparation of all necessary documents for the event: the daily and weekly schedule of events,  the staff, the day of the event, timing, logistics, technical tasks for all services
•    Taking into account all the details about the trip and the client of different budgets. Regular monitoring of the events and  researching for the best offers for services
•    Open Communication between the customer and a project manager

Dynamic Companies in Armenia


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