Name / unitCostQuantityChooseTotal cost
Bathrobe5000 AMD
Slippers1000 AMD
Bath cap100 AMD
Toothbrush and toothpaste 500 AMD
Shampoo, balsam500 AMD
Shaving items1500 AMD
Cotton wool sticks500 AMD
Comb500 AMD
Manicure set1500 AMD
Shoe brush 500 AMD
Sewing needle and thread500 AMD
DVD` (per day)1000 AMD
CD player (per day)1000 AMD
Note book (per day)10000 AMD
Video camera (per day)3000 AMD
Camera (per day)2500 AMD
Internet connection by USB modem per day1200 AMD
Steam pot (per day)2000 AMD
Juicer (per day)2000 AMD
Blender (per day)2000 AMD
Microwave oven (per day)3000 AMD
Toaster (per day)1000 AMD
Flowers (every day)15000 AMD
Basket of fresh seasonal fruits 7000 AMD
Chef’s service (per hour)5000 AMD
An extra set of linen and towels 2000 AMD
2 rooms3000 AMD
3 rooms4000 AMD
4 rooms5000 AMD