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Noyan Tour
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“Your holiday with us”

Your holiday with us can look like this:

Meeting you at the Airport with national dances accompanied with live music, with traditional sweets and sampling of the renowned Armenian Brandy, will surely be a good start for the rest of your journey.

Sightseeing tours with a guide:

a visit  to a house in the village, where you can  get acquainted with the daily life of Armenian people, take part in baking the famous Armenian lavash  (thin bread) as well as cooking kebab in a Tandoor oven, and taste homemade wine and vodka made from various sources(mulberry, apricot, Cornelian Cherry, pear, etc. .) You will also have the chance to leave your mark in Armenia by planting an apricot tree seedling and getting a certificate, so that you could taste the fruits on your next visit to Armenia.

Sporting  Events   If you are fond of sports and want to take part in competitions the “Noyan Tour” Agency will make you a winner!

Memorable Events. Relive a memorable moment in the life of your friend with our help. While you were in Armenia, have you forgotten about your friend’s birthday? Don’t worry! “Noyan Tour” will help you.

Professional picture photos as a keepsake:

The beautiful landscapes, the picturesque nature and the unequalled architectures of Armenia will be imprinted in your memory when professional photographers take memorable photos of Armenia for you.

Excursions to the famous Brandy Factory in Yerevan.  Home of the real Armenian Brandy, it is a must to visit the factory where the brandy is made. Whilst in Armenia, you will be able to taste this noble pleasure. True connoisseurs   may have that unique opportunity to reveal the secrets of distinguishing a good drink from a bad one.   

Your day with an Armenian family will be a unique opportunity to discover the culture of the Armenian people in their own homes. Amateurs will certainly appreciate classes for cooking of national dishes such as: the dolma, the khash, fish, trout, the kyufta, the sibekh, spinach, etc.

Armenian Language Lessons. Take a course in learning the Armenian Language with the help of our highly qualified instructors. Discover the miracles of this wonderful language: one of the most beautiful Indo-European Languages.

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